In-Game Marketing

Branding within the world of gaming and esports.

When sitting at work or being occupied with some daily routines every day, gaming is as important to the mental state as any other hobby can be. It is no secret that once gamers are focused on their favourite game, it will be hard to reach such a target group. With our innovative approach, we’ve found an unique way to offer engagement as never seen before.

As a small part of our creative department, we create levels for a number of game titles, offering an unique way of displaying your brand, engaging the gamers with interesting challenges that are focused on creating awareness of your products and/or brand. We also recreate products in 3D, importing them into the game, offering a live 1:1 display of the product in 3D.

If you would like to also find a similar solution for your brand, feel free to contact us and we will gladly dive head first into all possible solutions to help you achieve your goals.



Brøndby Esport, Stimorol, Sørby Esport, North, Xtrfy, Esportal, Manatee, noblechairs and more.


Source 1/2, Unity, Unreal Engine and few more.

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