Events & Tournaments

A gathering of likeminded people, connecting with each other, and your brand.

When thinking of communication being a building block, and having a strong community is the helm, that is what your brand must represent. With that in mind, we offer to build a strong representation of what your brand stands for when being on events and having a proper face to represent your brand.

We will host your event both offline / online, with the possibility of even having a crew on the spot, offering all visitors at big gaming events professional people with gaming / esports expertise to showcase and promote your product. Our entire crew has experience within multiple game titles, hosted more than a hundred events and worked for major brands (FACEIT, ESL), offering you not only a professional crew to host the event, but also to man the booth, giving you peace of mind knowing that the most capable people are handling everything.

If you also believe that working together is key, feel free to contact us and we will build something strong together, that surely will leave a mark.

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