Brøndby Esport (BIF)

One of the world's finest football clubs.

With a winning mentality on the field, Brøndby has engaged esports while not holding back. They have a number of successes in FIFA esports, winning multiple tournaments, and have proven that esports is a place they will thrive in.

They came to us looking for an interesting new way of engaging their audience, creating something unique, while still keeping the style of football, even though that it was within a ”shooter” game, and we did. It was an absolute pleasure working with BIF on this project, and we are looking forward to the future, and what it brings.

If you are interested in branding yourself in unique and exciting ways, do not hesitate to reach out, where we can discuss all opportunities together.



Brøndby eSport (BIF)




Gaming / Esports

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